Sep. 18th, 2010

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As the splendid Cecily Stonor put it, when questioned about her recusancy by the justices. I think she was in her 80s at the time: later she went to prison for harbouring Edmund Campion.

I'm just back from the Papal vigil in Hyde Park.

I don't refer to my Catholicism here much (on the rare occasions I write here at all), or indeed anywhere else, save in passing, and I doubt I will change that practice generally. I'm certainly not going to embark on theological discussion, or apologetics. But right now I have the urge to be counted. I don't claim to be a particularly good Catholic, or indeed a good Christian, - and regular bouts of agnosticism are an integral part of the deal - but it is a fundamental part of who I am, and ever has been. And yes, I go to mass every Sunday at Westminster Cathedral, and indeed am an altar server there.

Yes, I struggle with parts of the church's teaching, most notably for me those on contraception and homosexuality. And of course the abuse scandals, and the cover up scandal, have been devastating. But my faith remains.

Rather to my own surprise I've also found myself something of a -qualified- fan of this pope. But I'm not sure it would make much of a difference were I not.

I wish I had been serving at the Cathedral today, which would probably have chimed with my personal aesthetic tastes more, but there wasn't room for the entire team. But even with Shine Jesus Shine* the vigil was profoundly moving. I cannot at present express that properly.

I have no problem with there being protests, nor do I entirely disagree with all of the points made. But I could never imagine going, and the last few weeks and days have only strengthened that view.

See also Sam PF on the last point (via Nick Whyte)

*just about balanced out by the Tantum Ergo


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