Apr. 11th, 2007 02:14 pm
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The BBC saw fit to inform us this morning that 60% of men [or some such figure, and was it 40% of women] are now living at home. Where the hell else would they live? If that many people were actually homeless we really would be in serious shite.

What they were actually getting at was the number of people [of what ages? Didn't say] still living with their parents. Whether this genuinely constitutes a problem, rather than just a new twist on common family/social structures that weren't really abandoned that long ago, I am unsure.

Weekend was wonderful, mainly spent being Catholic at the Cathedral, save for acquiring a summer cold which, while coming back on the train from a day-jaunt to my mother's on Monday somehow turned into a raging fever. Am now mainly recovered (just in time for Pashazade to start coming down with same) but am feeling utterly shattered, so much so that I haven't yet summoned up the energy to formulate a polite response to an instructing solicitor's email criticising some trust drafting and asking for more documents. At the moment, mental drafts begin "you are a cretin" which is possibly not the best way to correspond with those who pay me.

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Ho hum. Apparently my assistance in liberating "11,000,000.00 million dollars" from a bank account in Ghana would be invaluable. Amazing really, the amount of times unfeasibly large sums of money go missing in Africa. Actually it isn't, but that's a slightly different and more depressing issue. First time I've had a 419 in a while, 6/10 for this one I think. They lose points for having insufficient random capitalisation and for the fund being quite so unfeasibly large.

I note the Labour party is thinking about having treatment agreements between the NHS and patients, including such things as having a decent diet and stopping smoking. This is precisely the kind of thing that leads me to rant about the nanny state and end up declaring that I shall be voting conservative at the next election and/or developing apoplexy, but I am resisting the temptation. Suffice it to say that the excise Gordon collects on cigarettes is more than three times the highest ever estimate of what smoking costs the NHS before factoring in the fact we die sooner and therefore claim less pension, and that being so I don't see why the state gets any right to put restrictions on the healthcare I'm entitled to or to otherwise penalise me. My personal choices are not their business. (Subject to the passive smoking issue I grant, which is more a matter of factual than principled debate in my mind.)

One wonders whether these agreements will also include an agreement to stop skiing. For instance.

Frankly I doubt any such agreement would be legally enforceable, but then it simply becomes vacuous posturing, which is possibly even more irritating.

Oh and in marginally related news the hospital concluded there is nothing fundamentally wrong with me. Apparently I just don't treat my body as a temple, unless it's a temple to Yog Soggoth. Apparently chain smoking and drinking excessive amounts of coffee, lots of whisky and very little water is bad for you. Who knew?

Right. I've got to work out if somebody can claim a lien, and it's proving difficult. Laters.

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Oh arse. Also bugger and shite. The Vatman wants some more money. Heigh ho.

Oh, and, finally got this thing to work, though only by lying about having a valid zip code. Is there something else you're supposed to do, or are those of us outside the US considered unworthy..?

solipsistnation 98%
qkellie 98%
lil_ashy 98%
marnameow 76%
uon 76%
adjectivemarcus 72%
djm4 56%
chrysaphi 53%
pizza_tram 47%
How compatible with me are YOU?

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Soooo. Not much work on so I feel like rambling. Feel free to pass by... )

Ho Hum

May. 30th, 2003 02:07 pm
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Once again, a formerly manic workload is signed off and I suddenly have nothing to do... It's a gorgeous day, and the Clique is gathering in a pub. So I think I may slope off very soon now. Say bye bye wagon...

Actually, I am going home to Hampshire this weekend so I shall have to split at 8. Time to see my parents again: I'm still worried about my father, but it's a situation where I'm left really not knowing what I ought to be hoping for. He isn't going to be the man he was again, even worse he knows that and it makes him unhappy.

I'm re-reading Don Quixote at the moment, and for the first time in a modern translation (the Penguin Classics one, couldn't resist the cool new covers and the 3 for 1 offer...) rather than a mid 18th century one. Not that the other (in OUP Worlds Classics) was bad, but it was written as a contemporary novel (arguably the first true modern novel). Haven't a clue what "sense" Spanish readers have when reading the original though. Does it read like, say, Tom Jones does to us? I'm finding a lot more of the humour in it reading the modern translation. And also seeing more clearly that this, a seventeenth century novel, does post-modern jokes better than anyone writing today.

Once again, we intended to go and see To Kill A King last night, but Steph had a work crisis. I'm beginning to wonder if some terrible curse has been put on us in relation to this film. It better be damn good, and I have a suspicion it'll turn out no more than ok. In other news, I am fed up with being single. Indeed, with the paucity of casual flings even. Oh no, that isn't news, is it? Why is it that my dream girl doesn't just walk into the library where I'm sitting and fall at my feet? Happens to everyone else all the time, I know it does, I saw it in the movies.


May. 29th, 2003 01:55 pm
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There are three questions on my mind...

Amongst the questions on my mind are such elements as..


  1. Why are cinema listings at such crappy times? Who the hell wants to go at 6? 5:30, yes, 8, yes, 6, no.
  2. Or is that just me?
  3. What is the meaning of "occupier" in the Occupiers Liability Acts 1957 and 84 and is it the same in section 4 of Defective Premises Act 1972?
  4. Why is it that it seems the weather is likely to break just in time for the weekend?
  5. Why has Somebody buggered off to Africa to do good works for the summer instead of, um, not doing so?
  6. Why is my touchpad mouse so shite?
  7. Why?
  8. There is no eighth question.
  9. Why am I wasting time when every time I write a section of this opinion and think I've nearly finished whole new beautiful wide vistas of problems of ball-aching complexity open up?

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Give or take Gregorian calendar reforms and suchlike irritations, the Roman Empire finally finally ended 550 years ago today, around lunchtime. I was rather impressed that the Today programme actually noticed. (Well, it's one of the dates. Various bits in Greece actually held out for a few years longer).

I can't decide whether or not to go and see my parents this week. I know I really really should, but I am feeling severe London Inertia. This despite the fact that if the weather does hold out for the weekend then rural Hampshire is going to be a far better place to be than central London.

I'm also still debating whether or not to buy a proms season ticket this year. It costs a lot, and you don't break even (against just buying arena tickets on the door each time) unless you go to something like 45 concerts, which just isn't going to happen, but at least it guarantees that you get in. Ho hum. It does look like a good season.

As a respectable law abiding citizen the idea of getting my Last Night free ticket and selling it at the end of the season for about twice the price of the season ticket itself to those poor fools who actually want to go to the Last Night has not, of course, even crossed my mind. (To be honest, I'm not sure that is even possible any more, and I wouldn't anyway.)


May. 28th, 2003 06:19 pm
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Just managed to lose a couple of hours work through pure carelessness. And this job is already late. Boo hiss bah and humbug. Am reading about Georgia (the one in the Caucasus that is) again. I really really want to go there. Next year, perhaps. We can but hope.

I am steadfastly refusing to get sucked into following Big Brother this year. Having said that, I seem to remember saying something similar last year. But this time round I shall be strong, oh yes.

Comedy bee on the tube this morning. Actually, in one sense it wasn't very comic, it was enormous and dangerous looking, the carriage was packed with people and it was getting more confused by the minute. And I am allergic to stings. God alone knows how it found its way onto a Northern Line train.

What's that you say.. I evidently have nothing to say and am just wasting time I could be using re-doing my work, so why don't I just sod off and get on with it?


May. 26th, 2003 02:49 pm
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Feeling slightly more awake now. I really ought to go back to my own flat and finish cleaning it, also wade into the Slough of Despond that is my financial affairs, but Rob has offered to make dinner (he's already done fabulous brunch) and I have a variety of books in my bag, so I have this funny feeling I'm not going to bother.

Milliesioux's party last night was v. good. Jenny was down from North, which is always a Good Thing. Also met Stonehan, and wittered for ages on Ireland and Palestine. Never mind. I hope I wasn't being too incredibly boring, but she did ask....

Also got into a drunken conversation about Sliding Doors moments in your life. Can you ever identify a particular moment when your life changed? Probably not, philosphically, but it's fun to try and work out what they might have been. Or again, if you could go back and do the last ten years again with the experience of how the current version turned out.. would you?

Aimless wittering indicates I don't really have anything of huge interest to say, so I shall leave it for the present and go back to Don Quixote.

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Nothing really, thought I'd set this up and see how it goes, but I'm too tired to do anything particularly meaningful. This may become a theme.


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